Vagabond: Glimpses of Love for the Tramp, Book Review by Monika Singh

by - March 29, 2023

Have you ever wondered how life and habits change from childhood to adulthood? 

How does your continuous juggling and thinking mode stop you from taking responsibilities and actions and blaming society or others for everything? That, too for your survival mode and existence.

Book: Vagabond: Glimpses of Love for the Tramp.
Author: Lancy Chopra
Pages: 74

Book: Vagabond by Lancy Chopra, Image by Monika Singh
Book Review by Monika Singh

People are often trapped in foggy images and find it hard to digest their reality. People figure out the fault in thinking of others instead of looking within themselves.

"Vagabond: Glimpses of Love for the Tramp" by Lancy Chopra is a poignant and deeply moving exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery. Through the eyes of the book's titular tramp, we are taken on a journey of love, heartbreak, identity, society, and redemption as the narrator wanders the streets and alleys of the city, searching for meaning, connection, and reality.

Society and its beliefs give more relief instead of facing reality. Because it's easier to point fingers at society and blame it for everything, even when no one is questioning you, Vagabond is all about shaking these beliefs and energy. The words can pierce your inner self with compassion and honesty, which you continuously try to ignore. The message of hope and redemption will stay with readers long after they've turned the final page.

At its core, "Vagabond" is a book about the transformative power of love and how people look at life. The narration can touch even the deepest wounds.

Vagabond by Lancy Chopra
The Author has done a fantastic job of highlighting the inner voice. Though it is fictional, you can relate it to real life. The narration is lucrative and evocative, painting vivid pictures of the tramp's experiences and the world around us. The characters she encounters are richly drawn, with their perspective, struggles, and interactions with people both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Overall, "Vagabond: Glimpses of Love for the Tramp" is a beautifully written and profoundly moving short book that will touch the hearts of all who read it. 

It is highly recommended for anyone looking for a quick read about love, loss, and the power of the human spirit.

Some insights from the Book 

Courage is breaking because I'm on my way to the point of disembarkation that's unknown.

My feet are tired of carrying my own burden. No doctor is needed, nor it is likely that my muscle power is waning. I am medically fit, but still, my body is tired. Perhaps my mind is more tired than my body.

The energy of my mind is not strong enough to do something. I am walking on an obscure path; Why? Maybe on my own quest? No. I am walking not to find but to renounce. I want to lose that existence which has no logic. I want to lose that routine which has no purpose. I used to keep myself in the stylish shoes of successful celebrities, but today I realized how hollow I am from the inside.

Insight from the Book: Vagabond by Lancy Chopra, Image by Monika Singh

What is more empty than a walled closet without furniture? 
I am asking this question from the ocean of feelings within me. I am afraid of the noise of the waves rising inside me because there is so much storm in the sea, but not even two drops of satisfying water can quench my thirst. I am finding it as difficult to find an answer to a question in the turmoil of my emotions as it is to get an old buried needle out of a pile of dry hay. My soul is getting my vagabond from my body, and due to thinking and not finding any path, I am wandering in wanderings.

Although I don't talk much, that doesn't signify I don't value people's sentiments and disregard them. Yes, I have acknowledged and respected the value of time, but hearing individuals' feelings has consistently been part of my assigned position perhaps that's why people believe me honorable of respectful. I was never proud of this attribute, but I used to be satisfied that due to my closemouthed nature, people connected to me in any manner have never been troubled or disturbed - this sense of satisfaction was the only value of my being happy, but today this prideful unless is quivering from its place.

It is well known -that the excess of everything leads you towards destruction. In me, too, my extreme earmark-reserved nature had reached the limit. I used to think that I consistently articulated firmly but politely and never got infuriated. Maybe that's why people love and respect me, but this illusion has also shattered.

Illustration from Book: Vagabond by Lancy Chopra, Image by Monika Singh
These women are so sensitive and poignant, and we consider their emotions as obstacles that come in the way of the momentum of our work. There is no other feeling in the world of these women other than caring for the residents and all the representatives in it. The strangest pleasure in life - caring for someone. 

If our population also learns something from our ladies, if it keeps the same affection for the surrounding citizens, then the development of our native structure will increase two hundred times.

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