You And The Rest Of The World by Ansar Hussain

by - May 22, 2023

This book is a delightful and engaging romantic love story set against the backdrop of engineering college days. It took me on the journey of my Engineering days and college life.

You and the rest of the world by Ansar Hussain (Romance Novel) 

The story revolves around how Aryan fell in love with Haritha. And soon, he started listening to the rumor of the proposal Haritha got in the past from Manish. The book is full of twists.

Set in the engineering college time, the dreams of boys, how they consider girls, why only beautiful girls, the blossom of one-sided love, and much more.

The conversational dialogue exchanges between the students make it more realistic, relatable, full of fun, and romantic.

The facts, romantic thoughts, humor, conversations, bits of young love, thoughts about girls, and the unwanted study issues faced by students & backbenchers are inserted as part of real life, making it relatable and heartfelt.

The writing style effortlessly brings the characters and their experiences to life, where we can connect. Although the book is fictional, you’ll realize everything happens in real life.

There is surety of one thing: humor blended after or in every serious incident to make it amazing. I found it heart-touching, portraying several emotions and experiences together. This makes it different from other romance novels.

One moment, he feels everything is so beautiful. The next moment, his friends warn him to stay out of love.

Why are so many friends involved in this story? Meghna often suggests to Aryan that he should block Haritha, but why? Who is She?

Will Aryan be able to make Haritha accept his proposal, or will he even lose their friendship with her?

If you’re looking for a light-hearted and enjoyable read that takes you back to your college days and memories of your love life, this book is worth picking up. Thanks to the Author for making it so much interesting.

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