My 2nd Girlfriend by Kailash Rajpurohit | Book Review

by - March 18, 2021

Have you ever felt that why people don't try to understand you?

When we hurt, we feel - only we're one, buried under sorrows & problems.
When we want to run away from problems, we forget to heal ourselves.
Get up and look around you. Be a keen observer & good listener! You'll realize that you're not the only one.

In this blog post, you're going to know more about the book: My 2nd Girlfriend by Kailash Rajpurohit

Why did I pick this book?
The story seems so realistic & relatable to me. Of course, I've never been in a relationship. But we can't change a few things in our life.
Either it's the habit of blind love in relationships, extra caring nature, fulfilling dreams & more.
I found it relevant because of taking extra care & fulfilling my dreams.
But maturity hit us so hard. It teaches us to live in silence.
If you want to live your life happily, don't let everyone know that - you have a caring heart.
Learn to treat people similarly - they treat you! But with common sense, too, don't react quickly without even knowing what's happening around you.

Book Review: My 2nd Girlfriend

When I was reading this book, thoughts in my mind & emotions in my heart were floating like a tsunami.

This book is about the story of Kailash, breaking out from his childhood to his teenage & then suddenly becoming a mature teen who was trying to clear the exam of this real life, trying to fulfill his responsibilities towards his parents & younger sister.
As he was not educated enough, & under 18 too, so he was struggling to find out work - not only to earn, but he wanted to help his parents.

During the hard & struggling time ( whether it's about finance or emotions ), every small help seems like a big favor. After gaining experience from his first work, he has learned to take risks in life. He entered into an entrepreneurship journey & set up his own company with few friends. Meanwhile, when trying to scale it up, he incidentally met with a girl named Riya. She entered his professional life as a client and later in his personal life as a girlfriend. And finally, she was essential to him, so she got a 50% partnership in his company too.

This relationship started moving towards a love marriage. It wasn't easy, but they finally got married. But, this marriage failed soon.
Because when we love someone, we forget to observe their real intentions. We only follow the things we want, like the Bollywood style.

Someone has rightly said, to live a happy life, you need a compatible, caring, understanding partner & not blind love.
You can't create a home with immaturity, where people have more ego problems & grudges in their hearts, where people are not ready to accept your family.

The same happened here, & this marriage failed. It breaks down Kailash. He struggled a lot and faced rough phases & finally, he planned to heal himself.
On the journey to new life, he met his 2nd girlfriend. What happened next?
What's the ending of the story?
Was it successful or not?

What I like :
Simplicity of narration
I wonder how someone can portray hidden pain in the heart so wonderfully.
Well, it was like a healing story for me.

Recommended: If you are someone who has ever felt love, either it first or second, go for it. If you've ever faced heart breakups, it doesn't matter what the reason is; go for it.

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