I want to tell you: you can always reach out for help by Monika

by - April 17, 2020

However here is a little reminder and message I want to tell you out loud: you can always reach out for help when it is too much!

The very first thing I want to make clear is that you embrace your flaws because no one is perfect. The only different perspective in the eyes of optimism is — you can be perfect in someone's eyes!

But why! Here are reasons without any selfishness.

I have observed the fire of passion in you is really different, different from the hunger for just money. 

I know you love the journey of breaking societal limits & barriers, and that is really a good thing.

Not only this, you know how to give hope & spread light & smile, even though you are not even aware, that what's the depth of darkness.

Along with it, one more thing that makes you different is that does not matter how hard time you are having, you do not throw your problems on someone else, even the person is closest to you, or you know the Perspective can give you a helping hand and help you to move out from the darkness.

I know you love hugs whenever you are feeling low, though I do not know the reasons. The good thing is, they work like magic for you.

There is a little reminder and message I want to tell you out loud:

Sometimes it is totally okay to feel low; reach out and ask for a little favor.

You know, you can always reach out for help when it is too much.

Keep this thing in mind that taking responsibility does not mean you have to sacrifice yourself or you have to wear a coat of toughness on your skin, mind & heart, including emotions.

I want to remind you, that you deserve a lot.

Do not forget to give credit to yourself, & loved ones wherever it is due.

Life is not meant to work hard and work hard & earn money & spend money.

I want to remind you, that you are worthy enough to enjoy life to spend time with the people who care for you & you truly care.

Not only that, I want to remind you to take enough breaks whenever you feel on the verge of breaking down or even before that.

I want to remind you to move on from past life.

Not only that, but I want to help you heal from all the wounds that are given by people you have trusted mistakenly.

I want to see you growing, healing, feeling a little satisfaction & touching the sky.

Not only that, but I would like to accompany you until you do not find your true happiness or someone who can support you & respect you more than me.

Give a little part of love to yourself too!

Dedicated to all the lovely souls out there & to the people I admire a lot!

When I was writing it, the perspectives in my mind were my closed ones, including my Parents!

But when I was reading & arranging it, I realized that it goes for every Parent, partner, or someone who knows how to love truly!

Share with the people you care about! And do not forget to Celebrate Your Love.

Thank you!
© Monika 

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