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by - November 28, 2021

Heal wounds and heal the world! Let us talk about healing today! What is healing?

After reading articles and posts of trusted creators, I have realized that when people start feeling that their silence can be heard in this loud world, they start feeling good and comfortable, and that is how their healing journey begins.

It is not that everyone is 100% perfect. Everyone has their wounds, cuts, and scars, and people are looking for solutions to their problems.

In the last few days, I have realized that many people who need solutions to problems confuse the expertise for good solutions with the outer look. Like if they observe good graphic posts, then they misunderstand the content provided in its quality content and start considering it as the solution to their problem, which is not accurate.

Quality content is something that resonates with your heart and soul. You can hear the voice of a creator in your head, and you can feel those emotions in your heart; this is why a piece of content seems quality content for you.

They feel resonating with your thoughts, and that is how the flow of positivity transforms toward you, and that is how the healing begins. Well, I am not an expert on healing, but after passing through the ups and downs of my life in the last five years, I can say that sometimes it's ok not to be ok.

One day we heal; another day, we suffer. One day we are trying to do our best. Another day people are trying to break us, and the cycle runs continuously. No one is perfectly healed. People have to live the life journey instead of just surviving somehow. 

People have to live together. That's how they can heal together and grow together.

Do not be selfish, do not shut out meaningful conversations, or ignore important things.

You know, by doing such things, you are only creating boundaries in your relations. By doing such things, you are only trying to separate or push those people who care for you. It is ok to feel hurt by other people's words. The only thing we can do is stop expecting from them. Everyone has a different mindset. If they want to see perfection in you, then make sure that they also seem perfect in your eyes. If not, then don't take their words to your heart. You need better people in your life. No one is perfect. 

People need love, kindness, and support. Everyone's needs are different. That is why compatibility matters a lot. Give your 100 percent to the people you feel your silence can be heard. You need people who can support you, who can help you to move ahead and to live happily and enjoy this beautiful life instead of just surviving somehow.

What are your thoughts about the healing?

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