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by - October 04, 2020

Social media influencers in marketing need more mental health awareness!

If a particular thing has some great advantage, then on the other side, there may be disadvantages too. Excess of everything is harmful. So keeping these things in mind, this blog post is designed, and it is about a few worst things related to social media.

Social media Influencers and Creators, Mental health

Here are 19 things with reasons and explanations:-

1. Lack of proper guidance.

Proper Guidance is necessary at every stage of life. So it also plays an important role when it comes to social media. If not, the outcomes will be only: a waste of time and energy. Think what can be the results; if someone may give you the exact roadmap of traveling, it'll be easier to reach the destination, right? The same thing is also applicable here for creators. That's why search for those people who can give you proper guidance. And do not take it from every random person unaware of his life.

2. Few honest feedbacks.

Honest feedbacks are necessary for great success. But those who provide honest feedback are very rare. If you ever find out about them, keep them closer to yourself. Maybe sometimes, you may feel like, probably your work is perfect, but still, it may need a lot of analysis, and that's why honest feedbacks are necessary.

Also, keep the logical brain active. Any random person can give you feedback or suggestion with flirty, cheesy, and attractive lines and emojis. Now it does not mean that feedback is genuine and good for you always. I have observed many genuine people whose intentions and words speak more than most famous and emotional emojis and buttering. Their honesty is more heartwarming rather than comments left to show off or to manipulate.

3. Irrelevant suggestions.

Often people start giving random suggestions, and they can divert your mind from actual goals. They will provide every piece of unexpected guidance, except that one which you need in your life to grow more.

4. Every follower is not your fan.

If you are trying to measure your growth through the number of followers and likes, then this is not the actual growth. It is not necessary that each follower wants good things for you every time. Also, most people are temporarily on your followers' list too. So stop considering them as your fam. Maybe there can be spammers and detectives as well. Who wants to keep a sharp eye on your activities intentionally? So it is not necessary to share things about your personal life publicly. Try to maintain a safe distance from those who provoke you to post about your problems publicly. 

5. The unbalanced ratio of users and creators.

Social media is a potent tool meant to consume and create content. Even those at the top of the list of creators are also users and audiences. They also do likes and comments on posts of their niche and healthy competitors. So the simple conclusion is - If you want to be a creator, try to be a user first. Else who is going to check out your content?

Nowadays, social media is also tough day by day. And it is keeping a sharp eye on your activities too. So try to keep your activities as much as humanly you can, instead of robot behavior.

6. Data insecurity.

The biggest issue is the insecurity of data. Selling of data sucks those whose information gets leaked. Even nowadays, people have started stealing pics and later using them for public harassment by doing alterations either through graphic designing or simply a little bit of editing.

7. Scroll, scroll, scroll

Your audience is crucial to your success for you. Right? But the attraction time is very low, often 3-8 seconds. And this is when you can hold them on your posts or videos. Probably this information may help you to save time by next time, whichever you give, to design every single post and in the editing of every video. You can understand the pain, but users do not.

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8. If you are a creator, you have less time to consume the data of other creators.

This is the most common mistake, often because of lack of time and sometimes because you do not want to help the other fellow creators because of fear of competition. You may satisfy yourself, but it may also negatively affect you.

9. No target audience.

When we have not fixed any particular niche, we have a scattered audience. And this is the main reason behind the lower engagement also. Maybe you have observed many people having followers in thousands, but their engagement ratio is sometimes even less than 0.1 percent. I watched this thing when I received DM from an account that has more than 6000 followers but less than even six likes on almost every post.

10. Social media addiction.

Being a creator, you may have high hope for success from your audience too. And this is going to make you addicted to social media. How many hours are you spending on one social media platform? Check it out today. Later check out the total time you spend on all social media platforms you are active on!

11. People are ready to take advantage.

This is for those creators who have a good heart or are habitual in forgiving people. If you want to achieve great heights with happiness, keep your goodness only for those who deserve it. Not everyone deserves it. You have to learn about it, where you have to be good, and where you can use your attitude or say a big No to those who are there only to use you. But be humble enough until you don't know people's intentions.

12. More self-image concern.

Often I have observed many people who try to be extra friendly to strangers. Do not reveal the best side of the heart to everyone. It is ok if you are the same in your personal life, but if not, then do not try to live a double-standard life. You may be fed up soon with it, resulting in losing your inner Peace.

13. Emotional side effects.

Tough competition, getting more minor results in comparison to input, and the negativity you receive on social media about your content. These things may create emotional issues. It does not matter how hard Hearted you try to seem, but they affect you. Few feel it less, and few up to more extent.

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14. High suicidal rates.

This is so common nowadays, but people ignore this thing generally. But social media can be the primary cause of most suicidal cases.

15. The ratio of real followers/ audience is low.

You have to search for genuine people, and they are hardly 1 % to 5%. Build a real relationship with them. You can find them out through their actions, not communication, as nowadays, many people are so good at manipulation. So keep a closer eye, maybe it may take a longer time to find them out, but you have to keep your patience level. Who knows how your mutual discussion can result in excellent outcomes of ideas and later grand success?

16. Uncontrollable cyberbullying.

This is at its highest peak, and it seems it is uncontrollable. Maybe people start it for fun or to pull down someone publicly. It later seems like the most unwanted problem of our life. This problem does not even stop here. People target you intentionally and try to manipulate the meaning of your messages and comments! Fix this in your mind your messages in chats are not always between two people. It doesn't matter how much respect you give to that person; still, one day, you probably find it out that your conversations were shared almost everywhere.

And if they shared by manipulative purpose or misrepresentation of your character, this is a serious offense, even more dangerous than hateful comments. You do not need to maintain relations with people who are there to harm your dignity and self-respect.

17. Competition.

Competition is there in the market, and already many people are struggling because of it. It results in frustration and jealousy generally. Healthy competition is necessary also, but one which can support you, not that which results in envy and depression. Stop comparing yourself to others. You can be your best competitor.

18. Jealousy.

Jealousy is the evil root of destruction. Unintentionally people start feeling jealous of other creators, and they start spreading hate and negativity for them. Maybe they forget that they may look fantastic for a few moments, but later, they will harm themselves only by doing so.

19. Negativity. 

If you are a creator who posts things related to Motivation, inspiration, hope, and good things, then you are getting a lot of DM's:- related to negativity about you, your thinking, differences in your review, and many more things. Sometimes it results in anxiety and depression, and emotional heartbreaks too.

To keep it short, only 19 points are discussed here. If your response is excellent, I'll post the second part soon.

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