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Healing happens in layers | Hurting and Healing | Monika Singh

Heal wounds and heal the world! Let us talk about healing today! What is healing? After reading articles and posts of trusted creators I have realized that when people start feeling that their silence can be heard in this loud world, they start feeling good and comfortable and that is how their healing journey begins . It is not that everyone is 100% perfect. Everyone has their wounds, cuts, scars, and people are looking for solutions to their problems. In the last few days, I have realized that a lot of people who need solutions to problems, confuse the expertise for good solutions with the outer look. Like if they observe good graphic posts, then they misunderstand the content provided in it by the quality content and start considering it as the solution to their problem, which is not accurate. Quality content is something, which resonates with your heart and soul. You can hear the voice of a creator in your head, you can feel those emotions in your heart; this is what a

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