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Moni Singh
Monika Singh

Monika Singh is a Book blogger, Freelance content writer, and Published creator. She is an avid reader who believes in learning.

She talks about Bookish content, Reviews, Stories, Self-Care, and more.

She wants to help small-talented writers and authors achieve success while using her hobbies to help people read more & better books.

Hobbies are those things we do with heart & they always bring happiness🌻 ~ Monika


Monika Singh






Book Blogger, Freelancer, Content Writer, and Published Creator

Blog Description

Bookish content, Reviews, Stories, Self-Care, Interviews & more.

About Blog

This is where Monika shares her thoughts and views on books straightforwardly and honestly,

A place where she talks about her practical experiences of real life and how to solve our problems.

A place where you can find, Useful and valuable book Recommendations, interviews, stories & solutions.

Integrity helps people make better decisions. And honesty is a special trait I always appreciate 💞 ~Monika

How this journey started!

Thought of blogging started developing in her mind during her college life.

She is an introverted girl and more comfortable expressing her feelings through writing rather than talking & meeting with many people suddenly.

She has been writing a Personal Diary since 6th standard. Quora gives her the courage to share her thoughts publicly. Being a silent reader, she read the content of trusted creators & writers. And believe in learning from experienced people.

In 2017, she started blogging on Quora and in 2019 on WordPress. And finally, this new blog you're reading is here!

Reading gives ideas, and writing helps in making this complicated life simple 💝 ~Monika

Current Journey

Still, she loves to interact with genuine people genuinely.

Being a good listener and keen observer, she cares for her audience and always welcomes honest feedback and suggestions.

It's her hobby, and now it's become a passion.

Being a book lover, she loves to read, especially self-help and non-fictional books.

Life is not about age. It's all about experiences! 🥀

Now, She is also a Published Creator of 2 ebooks, which are collections of her experience. But with a Twist of experience of people in her Surroundings. She has tried her best to make them unbiased and Empathetic.

Here are the book links!

21 Best Lifehacks
That Makes Your Life Easier by Monika

How Emotion People and Success Fooled You by Monika Singh

Info Products! 

She has a collective Community of more than 14500 across all Social Media. And a monthly Reach of More than 2 Lakh across all Social Media


Moni is a content writer, book blogger, and published Creator