Book Jasmines of Twilight by Amit Sengupta

by - June 17, 2023

I love this book. And I'm surprised to see how Men think about relationships!

It's eye-opening for a successful career-oriented Man who sees how his Wife, Friend (girl), Love, Mom, think about Marriage & relationships.  

Book: Jasmines of Twilight 
Author: Amit Sengupta

Book Review by Monika Singh

Rahul, the story's main character, is from a middle-class family, which makes him Career oriented. So he calculates everything in money, profit, and loss. He reaches a greater height in his career. 

One day he finds his only daughter Shama who's polio disabled, on a romantic trip. 

While seeking the answers to why she is outgrown when her father, Rahul, can provide everything, he goes through great conversations. 

Started with his wife, Sumita. When he did not agree with her answers, he went to his friend Aruna. 
During the conversations, Aruna confessed that Rahul thinks differently about the relationship. Aruna has also tried to propose to Rahul several times, but he is too, Protective and never understands her hints. 

She has no regrets as she at least took a chance, & still, she is grateful for their friendship. On this failed Romantic trip, she went on another wild romantic trip where her love was accepted & she got married to a great businessman. 
So, Aruna also disagreed with Rahul's decision about her daughter, Shama. 
Rahul was again disappointed and went to her mother, Aloka. 

He was again surprised to see a 75-year-old mother is more modern than Rahul and his considerations about romance and relationships. Aloka took the responsibility of explaining to Rahul. As Shama is a human being & not a Robot, she tries to explain her perspective to save her family.

Now the Wise Man, Rahul was confused and constantly questioned his life and professional achievements. 

To seek the answers, he went to his Love, which was parted as his Father decided on his marriage. 

What happened next? 
Will he be able to seek the answers and clarity he is looking for? 

Pick the book to know more. You'll not regret it! 
What I love about the story is,
The writing style is great and intriguing & language is simple. The best thing is the great flow. The conversations are awesome, with well-developed characters. The title does great justice to the story. 

And, despite achievements, the Successful Man is wiser to seek answers instead of forcing his decisions.

I want to recommend this book to every man who feels that he cannot understand the women in their life. Be it wife, friend, girlfriend, daughter, or even mom. 

I have observed several real-life examples of how people say money matters a lot. 

I want to request these Men to pick up this book to save at least your sister's or daughter's future!  

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