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by - June 03, 2022

Happy 2 years, as an active Creator! I am feeling so Happy & grateful. Thank you dear people, for making it possible for me to stay here, and to give me a healthy hope about what I have to do next. 

This is my Journey!

Before these positive vibes, I have also gone through the journey of negative vibes, self-doubt and felt like a loser several times, where my patience was tested badly.

Because, When you feel, almost everyone who has started their journey with you, is already on their next milestone, and you are the only one lagging behind; you feel separated & lost the sense of belonging to that Community. 

Because, things are not same like they were before. And you are not alone, who face this problem. People often leave the less successful people behind, because of many reasons. 

Though I am grateful that I have met amazing people here, who decided to follow me, connect with me, listen me, read my content & support like I have never thought.

But on other side, I have lost a lot of connections too! Lost some, because I have written long comments, & lost some, because I failed to comment. Lost some, because I was still trying to connect genuinely, when they have now many 1000s of other people like me; & lost some because I was not able to reply them instantly. So, the community I was trying to build, was not based on win-win situations. 

And because of this, I was Trapped in the fear of investing time in people, only to see them go, when they will hit a certain milestone! And this was continuously draining my energy. 

But, then deeply realized, people will come & go. Those who will keep supporting you with honest feedback, Client Recommendations & help you to build your money empire / side hustle are the true gems.

And this is how, I am getting motivation, to diverse my source of income and building other assets! And I am finally, trying to find a balance between being a User & Creator. 

We have to reach our next milestone - multiple digits of Money earning, instead of just followers! Because they can not pay bills by just number of followers. 

Now, how I can be more thankful to these amazing People! Thanks for being part of my Creators Journey! 

Share with your favorite Creators and let them know, how they are making a difference!

© Monika

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