Loyalty Relations Trust and Satisfaction

by - May 23, 2022

The trust you have put in someone has a very deep connection with loyalty. Then it does not matter if it is personal life or professional life. 

Well, my dear reader, I admire the efforts; you have put into someone. But still, I would like to tell you, It is not always your fault if things do not work out. 

Often people do not value precious connections. They manipulate the real meanings of conversations, and people & they destroy valuable & precious Relations. 

Sometimes, we have to move ahead in life without many regrets. In fact, leave those painful memories, incidents, and regrets behind. 

It is totally okay if things do not work out. It is totally ok if you still tried to give several chances to something or someone when 1000s of people were telling you that you are making a huge mistake blindly. 

They were there to explain to you based on their experiences for your betterment. 

Okay! Now you have a broken heart, bad mental health, and sleepless nights. 

Now what? 
We can not change the past, but we can try to make our present better. 
It is totally okay to execute another plan if the previous one fails. It is totally okay to make the present beautiful, regardless of the painful past. 

Though Loyalty is loyalty & it does not need any particular day as a reminder & cherish the moments and precious Loyal people. 

Dedicated to You! 
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It was meant to be Published on Loyalty day, but I could not share it! 

© Monika 

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