The New Me & Monika Singh

by - April 30, 2022

I was a chubby but healthy kid. You have probably observed people whose faces turn Red when they laugh (like a tomato). 

Childhood & teenage is a stage where we are less or not stressed at all about Life; if we are, we ignore it because moving ahead is our ultimate step.

But the last few years were full of ups & downs. I have quickly lost weight because of city & hostel life, and I quickly gained it in the last one and a half years (lockdown, & then homemade food). Indian moms serve more when they feel they are not looking fit & strong. Probably I used to eat more when I used to feel stressed, or I used to eat more often as a carefree girl.

As we focus more on career life, we ignore our sitting hours, eyes, and physical & mental health! It happened to me too. Being an engineering student, screen time is a part of your life! 

And mainly, when focusing more on Artificial Intelligence, you have to focus more and more on the screen. Also, when you have to type and create content for your lovely readers, it results in fewer breaks for eyes & body and more stress.

So, I hope you can understand how unhealthy habits we develop or when we start sacrificing our health for careers.

It was last month, and I decided to stay fit. And you know what? I am working on it. I focused on Changing my diet foods eating habits & trying to stick to my sleeping routine. And I got this book: The New Me. And here I would like to share its review with you guys!

Book Title: The New Me - A guidebook to perfect health
Author: Gagan Dhawan
Pages: 80

Book Review!

This book is so insightful and packed in 80 pages. The value & knowledge is simple & short, still overflowing. What I would like to say is Fewer words - more sense!

One day, the Author realized that he now had to take medications. And when he realized if he started taking them, there would be no going back, He was concerned, serious & more active about his health.

He took 90 days of challenges, and he found that after 90 days, he is fit & fine according to all medical tests, and he doesn't need medications now.

So, in this book, he has shared how to set up this three-month challenge, what we have to do, what not, eating habits, food, diets, minor things like sleeping habits & drinking water, etc. And much more.

So I required this book, so I am not saying how insightful this is as a book lover. I am sharing how much value it is, according to a person who is now on her health-fitness Journey! I hope to share some behind the scenes about my fitness Journey soon!

Recommended To: those who are trying to take their physical health seriously.

Well, if you are someone, who is more & more practical, & does not love the book, let us take a 90-day challenge to fit ourselves!

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