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by - March 05, 2022

Book Title: The Curse of Kukkutarma 

Author: Prateep Roy

Genre: Science fiction + Mythology 

Book Review

The Curse of Kukkutarma

The story starts with - punishing the students of class 10th by a harsh nature teacher. The reason behind punishment is - Someone splits the ink on the Shirt of a simple & humble teacher. But such brutal punishment was prohibited in the school.

The school principal was passing nearby, and he observed the teacher punishing the Kid. He asked him to stop it. 

Later, Principal Mr. Brown asked the little boy about his introduction. He introduced himself as Opamanyu Sen. His mother called him Opu with Love. He is from 6th standard, but he was in the 10th class, as he was aware of what teachers were teaching in 6th standard. 

When he visited his home, her mother Observed his hand was severely hurt, and she asked him about the reasons. His father, Mr. Dwarkanath, was a trustee of that school. And he said to stop funding the school.

Suddenly, Mr. Father Brown visited their home and informed his Dad that they had suspended that teacher for such Karma. Along with it, he told his parents that their son was Prodigy. He has extraordinary skills. His mind is sharp and ahead of the children of his age. 

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The discussion continued, and he asked them to reflect on his studies and take suggestions from Jagdish Chandra Bose (1st Indian Scientist who got a Patent). 

Later, he was sent to London for his education. His father now has high expectations like miracles from his son, as everyone in the surrounding was saying he is brilliant & extraordinary. 

During that year, World War 1 broke out, affecting many things. 

Though, Opu met Isla and his brother and tried to execute his ideas and plans with them. This is how they were able to start the preparation of Atityan (a project for a spacecraft model). And all three were lost in the project deeply. 

This book has a blend of history, mythology, and science fiction, hand in hand. The story plot is based in the 1900s and revolves around the prodigy kid Opu and his brilliance about interest in Time traveling. 

His dream of inventing the time machine, which can help him to travel back in the past and meet the Bhisma of Mahabharata, and why he died, even when he was blessed by boon. 

This led him to take his ideas and interest seriously. 

My take on Narration:

The Narration could have been more smooth if a lot of details (explanation of ancient history details) could have been provided at the end, instead of starting and in mid of the chapters. 

Along with it, as the book is fiction, there is not a more significant role of research done by the Author. However, it's doing great on the research-based part.

What I Like: I like the theme line & blend of history and mythology, along with the prodigy of Opu.

Recommended: If you like books based on science fiction + Mythology, you may also like this one.

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