Book Review: Not Without Your Love | Arvind Parashar

by - August 31, 2021

Do you love Suspense stories full of conspiracy and struggle? Then probably this one is for you.

Book Title: Not Without Your Love

Author: Arvind Parashar

Before picking up this book, I was not aware that the author has written 23 books. And when you start reading the work of an experienced author, probably expectations are higher from the story.

This story starts with Noosh describing her light sleeping habits in the noisy city. Though she is pregnant, she is living alone & hoping to meet his love soon.

Noosh & Kabir are the main characters of the story. Kabir is a journalist & photographer. Kabir is from Bombay & Noosh is from Afghanistan. They've studied in the same College in Moscow, where they met. Noosh has returned to her hometown Herat, Afghanistan.

Kabir visits Afghanistan, to work on a secret mission. Afghanistan is the center point for the whole story. After a few days, Afghanistan brought conspiracy for Kabir, but how?

What I like:

The thing which won my heart, is I always say & strongly believe - 'Friendships that are built-in hard times last forever.

Now I don't know, I give credit to the author for this Statement or to myself. You might be aware if you're connected with me for a long time. Great coincidence, isn't it?

Though I don't believe more in love stories, because there is betrayal, manipulation at every stage. People nowadays consider that the biggest victory is getting married. But the actual struggle probably starts after it. But this story is something, whose ending can give satisfaction to your soul.

What I dislike:

Politics! Though I've no interest in the things which always disturb me. And when you're a person who is habitual of feeling words, it directly hit the head & of course a little disturbing too. 

Though we should not judge things, at first sight, I've picked this one by considering it a love story but it's more about politics, struggles & betrayal.

The book cover and title of the story can be more relevant to the story, as this doesn't seem completely fit.

I feel It was not an easy read for me. If you are comfortable feeling such triggered emotions (separation, betrayal, politics), in the journey of long-lasting love; you can go for it. 

Recommended For: Thriller lovers, who are comfortable with politics.

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