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by - October 10, 2021

Internet is flowing from lots of books recommendation. Whenever we google books there are lots of results from reading books, to list of books to read, to books Images, and much more.
No Doubt there is a specific reason behind every recommendation and every book serves a different purpose.

But we do not have so much time to read all the books out there! And people can not read so many books until and unless they are addicted to them or they are an integral part of their life. There are already lots of recommendations out there, and why these recommendations are different from them.

If you have these questions in your mind:
1. Nonfiction books to read
2. Nonfiction books that will change your life
3. What are the best nonfiction books to read
4. Nonfiction books for beginners
5. Storybooks
Then, this list is customized and prepared for you, especially for beginners. And these are selected From 80 books I have read in the last 5 years. Along with it, some are recommendations of Trusted friends who love to read books deeply.

So, here are a few books, which are heart-touching, with a vivid range of emotions leaving a long-lasting impact on the heart with their beautiful characters and story narration.

Also, here are some amazing books, which can help you to improve your life slowly.

These are for beginners, and simply one book from every genre is enough to teach you a lot of value if you are willing to gain and learn in a short time.

Also, if you are looking for particular topics to understand the depth in short form, here are few books related to human psychology and emotions!
They are not just motivational. They have examples, work plan and tips to improve your current situation.

So, if you are reading it, you do not need to search countless articles to select the best books for you. And you do not need to feel furious from the recommendations by people who recommend just for likes or followers!

Happy Reading my lovely Readers!
Regards Monika

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